Lifehack: how to improve your memory

Sorry, I don’t know how to improve your memory.  But I do have one tip:

The best way to improve your memory is to organize your life so that you don’t need to use your memory that often.

I know the world is full of different reminder apps and todo lists and such.  For me, the problem with those is that I always forget to use them.  They don’t become natural part of my life.  My “trick” (which probably is common knowledge) is to inject reminders to my everyday life and tools that I already use.  A couple of examples:

  • It’s evening.  Suddenly it occurs to you that tomorrow you need to take the tax card to work.  Solution: place the tax card in front of the front door so that you cannot leave from home without noticing it.
  • Email is natural part of my life.  I often send email to myself.  For example  when work related idea comes to mind during weekend, I send the idea to my work email and then it’s off my mind.
  • Weekend is coming and you are in the middle of some programming task.  How to remember where to continue on Monday?  Leave a non-compiling line in the code so that compiler will remind you where you were.

You get the point!  I’d appreciate to hear if you, my dear reader, have got tips like these.

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