Monthly Archives: October 2014

What agile mindset means to me

Imagine a perfect project in an utopistic world. For you, personally,  would it be more like:

A: We can can prepare for everything beforehand. For project success we create the perfect plan and then execute the plan.

..or perhaps more like:

B: We don’t need to know anything beforehand. Our system can adapt to any changes and surprises that comes along the way. For project success we set the goal and then just start doing.

It goes without saying that these are extreme examples.  We cannot know everything beforehand, and we cannot ever build a system that can adapt to everything.  You need both type A and type B kind of thinking in real projects. But still, are your management efforts more towards type A, or type B? Which one are you pursuing more?

In my perfect world, projects are more like type B. And this is what “being agile” means to me.